Chris Readshaw


        "Chris Readshaw is a rarity in today's music scene, as he's not "selling" anything but the truth. His songs are beautifully crafted from honesty, with a vocal authenticity to match. As both a trained musician, and vocalist- Chris delivers the one thing there is in fact no training for- and that is his  ability to transport and move his audiences by one thing only- himself." - Marla Joy

        Born in Toronto and growing up in Oakville, music was a permanent fixture in the Readshaw household. Chris grazed on and found himself connecting to a variety of music genres from an early age, never isolating his listening habits and always searching for sounds and lyrics that resonated with him.

        Chris’s writing journey began almost fortuitously. Around the age of 14, he would find himself aimlessly writing lyrics in his notebooks, napkins, or anything that was available. The evolution from songwriter to singer-songwriter progressed slowly and it wasn’t until his early 20s that Chris found his voice and fell in love with performing. 

        He released his first EP ‘Miles’ in 2013 and subsequently began playing live solo shows across the GTA.

As a solo acoustic performer, Chris has found a niche in the art of looping, lending him the freedom to create a unique sound that lends itself to that of a “one man band”.  

        Today, Chris’ focus is centered around producing his first LP while continuing to enhance/elevate his live performances to create music that leaves his audience wanting more.